Essential Tips For Healthy Skin That Are Proven to Work

The problem with looking for tips for healthy skin is that there are literally thousands out there! However, there are only a few that can really help you to have radiant, glowing skin naturally.

Many of these tips for healthy skin you will already know but you just need reminding of them.

Trying to eat a balanced diet with lots of fruit and vegetables helps to keep your skin nourished along with drinking enough water, preferably filtered so that your body doesn’t have to eliminate more toxins.

Many of us do not get all the nourishment we need due to the falling nutritional value of our food today. In fact it has just one sixth of the nutrients it had just fifty years ago. A natural supplement is a good idea along with a quality fish oil.

In fact, some premium fish oils with added ingredients like astaxanthin (a powerful antioxidant) can help to reverse the signs of aging and sun damage. They help to soften and smooth and increase the overall thickness as well.

Regular exercise boosts your circulation bringing oxygen and nutrient rich blood to the skin to help it stay healthy. As long as you raise your heartbeat for 20-30 minutes, preferably every day if not 3 times a week, it will really benefit your skin and your overall health.

Exfoliating at least every week is another great tip for healthy skin as it removes the dead outer layer. This allows the new skin to come through and helps with elimination of toxins and the absorption of moisturizers.

Lastly, but most importantly is natural chemical free skincare. It is hard to find these days as they all claim to be natural but very, very few really are. Most have harmful chemicals in and should be avoided.

Skin creams and lotions should contain high-quality 100% natural moisturizing oils, vegetable-based waxes, reparative proteins, powerful antioxidants, vitamins, coenzyme CoQ10 and carefully selected plant extracts.

These help to nourish your skin 24 hours a day, delivering essential nutrients to maintain excellent health and prevent future signs of aging from occurring.

Powerful antioxidants are important to fight the free radicals that can cause damage to healthy cells and lead to premature aging and disease.

Using these tips for healthy skin will not only help you to have beautiful skin in the present, but in the future too as they provide a natural and sustainable way forward.

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5 Tips For Sexy Abs

If you are looking to finally make something good happen in that mid-section of yours, you have found the right place! You might be overweight, obese or maybe you just have a little bit of stubborn fat on your belly that refuses to move! Listen up to these 6 tips for sexy abs and you will learn a LOT.

Tip #1 – Never listen to mainstream marketing again

We are suffering an obesity epidemic. More than 50% of our population is now classified as “overweight”. Knowing this, it seems that MOST people get it wrong when it comes to health and fitness and sexy, flat abs. Now it should be pretty obvious to you now that you can NOT get the results you are after following what “most people” do! Don’t listen to fad diets, product packaging, TV infomercials or anything that is “mainstream”. Because whatever “most people” are doing… They’re getting it wrong!

Tip #2 – Look at nutritional information on products, NOT marketing hype

Many products on the shelf at your grocery store try to “sell” you by saying how healthy they are. All you need to do is look at the nutritional table on the back and the ingredients list to get an idea of what they are actually selling.

Tip #3 – Don’t do sit ups ever again

As well as being potentially dangerous as an exercise, sit ups do NOT give you more defined abs. To get defined, sexy abs you need to target your abdominals in specific exercise routines and couple this with highly effective fat-burning programs.

Tip #4 – Burn fat faster

Forget about spending hours at the gym. Discover the benefits of HIIT and you will never turn back. Anyone can do this and it will save you hours of time each week (if not each DAY!).

Tip #5 – Remember the basics

It helps drastically to have a foundation of good health before the fat will melt. If you can get these basics right first, it will be easier, faster and much healthier to lose weight and get toned, sexy abs. This means balancing your hormones and preventing them from running wild as well as cleaning out parasites from your body with an effective, natural method.

Wight Loss Tips For Better Nutrition

If you want to practice better nutrition and start on a road to better health, there are a lot of simple things to do that when put together will make big changes in the way you feel, and how your body feels. The best way to do this is to get back to nature. That means eating whole foods and fresh food. That is the way it was created in nature. That means it has not been through a trip to a processing facility.

There are many benefits to a whole food diet, including helping in your body’s daily digestive activities as well as boosting many of the systems in your body. A whole food diet can also help you shed extra pounds. If you are ready to switch to a diet of whole foods, you are going to need some help.

– Always eat organic vegetables and fruits. They should have an organically grown label.
– When eating meats and dairy products make sure they were not commercially processed. Look for items that were made from animals that were not injected with antibiotics and steroids.

– If you want eggs, look for eggs laid by free-range chickens that are labeled fertile eggs.
– A good mineral and protein source that you may not have thought of are sea-vegetables such as kelp and arame.
– When cooking use ONLY unrefined oils.
– If you are having a bowel movement, make sure you are in the correct posture for you body. You should be in a squatting position with your feet elevated.
– Use butter instead of margarine. Also try cooking with other oils like olive oil or coconut oil.
– If making cold fruit or vegetable drinks, add flax oil for more nutritional value.
– If you are eating carbohydrates, have whole grains instead of any white flour or sugar items.
– When eating grains look for ones that are free of gluten such as millet, brown rice, buckwheat, quinoa, and amaranth.
– When using water for drinking or cooking, stick with purified water that has added minerals instead of tap water. You should even consider a filter on your shower and bath faucets.
– If you want juice, make your own. Canned and bottled juices have been processed.
– You never know where your fruits and vegetables have been, so before eating them clean them thoroughly with a veggie wash solution or create your own with water and 3% hydrogen peroxide.
– Know what you’re eating by reading the labels of foods before you buy them to steer clear of chemical additives.
– Instead of using white sugar or an artificial sweetener, try using stevia or lo han.
– Making a morning ritual of drinking 8-ounces of water with some lemon in the morning and evening.

– Your body needs water. You should be drinking 1/2 ounce of water per day for every pound of body.
– Cut sodas, of all kinds, out of your diet.
– Lower the number amount of alcohol you drink.
– If you’re a smoker, its time to quit.
– Don’t drink coffee. If you must, look for organic java.
– Make herbal teas a part of your diet.
– Increase you raw food intake slowly.
– Before eating nuts and grains, soak them in water overnight.
– Take the time to thoroughly chew your food.
– Keep all oils and grain cool in the refrigerator.
– Avoid anything deep-fried.
– Trust to use a regular oven instead of a microwave.
– When eating fruits, stick to just that food group.
– Meal plan so you don’t mix starch filled carbohydrates and proteins.